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Fic: Sordid Masterpiece

Title: Sordid Masterpiece 2/3
Author: Romana Bunny
Pairing: Viggo Mortensen/Orlando Bloom
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don’t know these pretty pretty men and I make no assumptions as to their sexual preferences. None of this happened (to my knowledge) outside of my head, so don’t sue!
Beta: The fantastic Razzleslash

By the time they reached Viggo’s car, they had fallen into one another’s arms again, giving way to little kisses and giggles.
“Shh! They’ll hear!” he reminded Orlando. The night air was cool, but they were so wrapped up in each other’s embraces that they hardly felt it.
He bundled Orlando into the car and went round and got in the drivers seat. Turning on the engine and reversing out of the space he was parked in was easy enough, it was driving in a straight line when all you wanted to do was kiss and touch the gorgeous creature beside you while keeping your eye on the road that was a test of determination.
They eventually pulled up outside Viggo’s rented beach apartment. The sea air was chilly, but still they took no notice. When they got inside they realised they were chattering with the cold. Viggo threw off his coat and Orlando hung his on the coat stand by the door.
Turning on the few small lamps that were dotted around, Viggo smiled at Orlando, who never took his eyes off of him.
The house was warm and comfortable. After offering Orlando a glass of wine, which he declined, Viggo took off his shoes and socks.
“I hate shoes.” He laughed, almost to himself.
When Orlando kicked off his shoes too, he just laughed some more.
The alcohol was causing Orlando to stumble slightly as he took off his socks and he was giggling like a fool. Viggo lived to see the smile upon Orlando’s face, and knowing that he had made him laugh was exquisite.
There was a huge hearth filled with smouldering embers that were still throwing off a faint red glow. The immense log Viggo had thrown in this afternoon had eventually burned down. The log was left burning to heat the hot water so that he could have a shower when he got back from the wrap party at Peter’s palatial manor. The heavy fireguard wrapped around the mantle to stop sparks was a work of art in itself, wrought iron twisted into swirls and leaves, with stars and a moon and a pretty river etched into the front panel.
Orlando watched as Viggo threw his jacket over the back of the sofa and walked toward him, not hurrying, just enjoying the sight of his precious elf.
Orlando had just shrugged off his suit jacket as Viggo pulled him into a tight embrace.
“You smell so good” he sighed.
“I need you, Viggo.” So innocent, yet so persuasive.
There was a growing intensity that was stirring in Viggo. He went through the past few weeks’ musings in his head, the smell, the taste, the feel, the wanting, the love…
With that, he led Orlando down the hall to his sumptuous bedroom and sat him down gently on the edge of the bed, as if he were a china doll that Viggo was scared of breaking.
Orlando fell back, boneless, onto the soft downy quilt and looked up at him.
Viggo saw in Orlando then not an elf, not an angel, not a muse but a fiend, a beguilingly beautiful dryad. When he spoke again he had turned from the cherub Viggo had known for weeks now to an imp.
“Undress for me, I want to see you.”
A voice in Viggo’s head suddenly spoke up; do you really want to take this step? He is little more than a child.
He knew the voice was right, but he wanted this, he needed this. Orlando didn’t realise this, but it was true, Viggo hadn’t been with someone in months, hadn’t felt the warmth of someone’s arms around him.
As he leant past Orlando, Viggo turned on the lamp on the bedside table, forcing his hand to be steady as the tremble was more lust than nerves. He never took his eyes off of his gorgeous companion, the broad shoulders, the peach down skin, the soft tousled look to his hair.
Viggo started to remove his own shirt, button after button, revealing a firm, muscular torso covered with swirls of chest hair. Orlando just lay back, revelling in the spectacle. When the shirt was gone he slowly undid the button on his trousers, raising an eyebrow slightly.
Orlando grunted, a smile spreading over his face, his own eyebrow hitched up. With a fluid motion Viggo pushed his trousers down over his bum, let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them. He stood there in only a pair of green checked boxers.
“Just looking at you is hot,” Orlando whispered as he sat up.
“Your turn.”
At the command Orlando stood up and with a quick movement he had pulled the sweater over his head and it fell to the floor. Viggo watched as Orlando swayed a little, starting to move his hips in a slow seductive dance, and hummed a little ‘stripping’ tune. He unzipped his trousers and let them fall. There he was naked, vulnerable and gorgeous.
Viggo’s eyes widened, roaming his contours. He hadn’t expected Orlando to be ‘going commando’. He smiled and let his gaze drift slowly over the spectacle before him. Orlando had strong arms, a well toned chest, slim waist and great abs, athletic legs and a great ass. Orlando was still swaying to his little tune, fluttering his ‘fuck me’ eyes. Viggo let his eyes roam without ignominy. He loved the sight of Orlando’s golden skin glowing in the dim light, the way his body moved so gracefully for such and awkward, gangly looking young man. He was beautiful to Viggo, more so than he had imagined. Just looking at him made Viggo want him even more; and here he was, just waiting for ‘his Ranger’ to make love to him. Knowing that it was now inevitable and seeing Orlando in all his glory was making Viggo hard, so he loosed himself from his cotton prison.
Orlando couldn’t stand it any longer; seeing the effect he was having on the man in front of him he threw his arms around Viggo’s naked shoulders and set to kissing his face and hair.
Viggo had caught Orlando and lifted him off the ground, hitching him up until his legs were wrapped around his waist.
There was nothing for Orlando now but this moment; the feel of Viggo’s hands on his thighs, the crush of chest against chest and the taste of Viggo’s lips. The moment stretched out for a blissful eternity, then as suddenly as it had begun it ended as he fell back onto the bed, limbs entangled and laughing.
Orlando had dreamt of this, wished for it. There was no thought now of the job, no thought for what anyone else would say, no care about the age difference, no consideration of the consequences and no way he was stopping.
His hands wound into Viggo’s hair, fingers massaging his scalp. Viggo moaned against Orlando’s cheek appreciatively. His heated breath tickled his ear and Orlando looked up into his eyes.
“Orlando,” Viggo sighed, loving the sound of it breathed lustily.
“Viggo, put your hands on me,” he flashed him a look of torment; “I’ll die if you don’t touch me soon.”
Viggo gazed at him intensely; he knew that Orlando wanted him, knew that turning back was not an option, but he was just struck by the possible repercussions of this act. He wanted Orlando now, and was likely beginning to fall in love with him, but he was scared. Scared of the fact that he could not control what may happen the next day; no way to handle his escalating feelings, no desire to keep them in check. He wanted to be with Orlando, for however long fate allowed, but he also wanted to save him from the pain of waking up to shattered dreams. Viggo was aware that Orlando was still young enough to be whimsical, still ever changing his aspirations, his plans and his mind; he just wanted for him to have the chance of fulfilling those goals and not having an old man as a yoke around his neck, forever pulling behind him the many complications that Viggo, as a lover, brought with him. Maybe Orlando just needed this night to realise that it was all a fantasy that had been satisfied, that maybe he was just going to use Viggo… maybe he was still a little boy dabbling in playground hearts and flowers. Maybe it was just because Orlando was a bit drunk. He wanted to believe that Orlando was really there because he could see a mutual interest; not a lifelong commitment, but not a weekend fling.
Viggo was tired, getting older; he didn’t want the tumult or the heartaches anymore. If he did this tonight, how would they be altered in the morning, what part of his soul would he have given away?
It’s true his desire to make love to Orlando was growing, the more he pressed his hands against his skin, the more he ground his hips against him, but it was gnawing at his brain.
Orlando kissed the tip of his nose and said, “Viggo? Are you still with me?”
In that moment he turned his brain off, flicked the switch from always analysing the meaning to studying the being.
“Fuck it!” he growled. Orlando gave him a quizzical look, the what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about look, but it quickly changed to a smile as Viggo threw himself down on top of him, kissing his lean, muscled torso. Orlando once again wound his fingers into his hair, then running his hands down over his neck and back. Viggo sat up, looking mischievous, then contemplative.
He fell to gazing at Orlando, in all his youthful beauty, as he hunkered over him. His gaze was intense and changed a lot while he looked at the man in his arms. There was turmoil, but overall a look of wanting.
His body was fighting his mind… telling it to shut up and enjoy this.
He let himself be swept away by his need and yearning.
He decided to tease Orlando, like in his story, by ghosting his skin; letting the tremulous heat of his hands arouse the hunger for contact. Travelling the length of Orlando’s body he used only his hands and breath over his hypersensitive skin, causing him to whimper as he brushed over his neck, chest, navel, thighs, ankles. Viggo toyed with him, knowing that the longer he waited the better it would be to finally touch his beautiful elf. He loved it, the teasing, and the torture of knowing he was in control.
In his mind Orlando was screaming ‘Oh please oh please oh please!’ He was trembling and near begging when Viggo suddenly placed a finger on his tummy and ran it indolently over the inked lines of the body art placed there. Peeking impishly at his reaction, Viggo’s eyes darted to his lovers face.
Orlando was shocked that Viggo hadn’t carried on until he had pleaded for his touch. Looking into his eyes, the colour reminded him of storm clouds over the sea. Orlando saw there a certain peace, a calmness that belied the torrent of thoughts that ran through his head.


Viggo shifted around a little bit until he was comfortable, kneeling in front of Orlando. Orlando wrapped his arms around the broad shoulders of the man between his legs and sighed into his ear “Are you going to fuck me or what?”
“Looks that way”, Viggo muttered back, reaching for the bedside drawer. He took out the essential items and placed a rain of kisses on his partner’s hair, remembering the daydreams, the feeling of being united, being complete, being totally and utterly loved. It was the idea of Orlando that he had loved; the thought of him, but now that he was in his arms he knew that he could have more than just the imagined love. Doing this would be irreversible and he didn’t care, he could see in Orlando’s eyes that he wasn’t in it for a one night stand, for some odd reason the boy had wanted this from the start. It was a weird feeling knowing that his musings had been reciprocal. Orlando started to wriggle under him, running his hands over Viggo’s chest, trying to speed up the proceedings. Viggo gave in and sinking lower kissed Orlando softly, trailing his hands languidly over his face and shoulders, “Sueño con mí.”
Orlando didn’t understand the words, but he knew the tone. Kissing him tenderly he said, “Te quiero,” it was the only thing he knew how to say, and it was true.
“Te quiero también”, Viggo replied, knowing that it was true and finally admitting it.
The heat surrounded them and their hands gliding softly over each other were syncopated only by ticking of the clock and their rapidly beating hearts.
Viggo captured Orlando’s mouth with his own in a passionate kiss just so he could swallow the moan as he wrapped his hand around Orlando’s erection, moving his hand slowly and firmly until Orlando cried out, “Oh fuck, Viggo, stop!”
Viggo smiled up at his lover mischievously, “Stop? If you say so.” Releasing him and sitting up, Viggo looked into Orlando’s eyes which looked nearly black, and smiled again. The pained look Orlando shot him made him chuckle. Orlando took advantage of the moment, pouncing quickly, pushing Viggo backwards and pinning him to the mattress.
Orlando slid his body along Viggo’s keeping his eyes trained on the older man’s face. The look of surprise that was there at first melted into ecstasy as skin grazed sensitive skin. Orlando ground his hips into Viggo’s as he kissed along his jaw. Viggo moaned, low, guttural and quiet. Orlando could feel it through his chest, the deep rumbling of his baritone voice.
Orlando was now cradled between Viggo’s legs. He growled into Viggo’s ear “If you wont fuck me, I’m gonna have to take charge.”
There was nothing that Viggo could do but submit.


Viggo wrapped his legs around Orlando’s back pulling them closer together. Orlando’s errant hand snaked between them to enclose Viggo’s aching hardness. His eyes flashed to Orlando’s face as he gasped at the insistent pressure. Orlando gave him a heart melting grin and covered his mouth with a passionate kiss.
Suddenly Orlando broke away from Viggo, pushing his legs back down onto the bed, moving away quickly and sitting back on his haunches. There was a moment in Viggo’s mind, that wrenched him from the pleasure of the encounter, that made him flash to the time when he was doubting Orlando’s sincerity, he thought that maybe this way Orlando’s way of telling him that they were only playing, that this was not what Viggo wanted so much as what he needed, and that it would only be for this night. He looked up into those angelic eyes and a confusion spread across his face, but the sight of Orlando stroking himself languidly and grinning at him with predatory hunger to be satisfied made him forget the doubts once more and relax.
Orlando was staring straight into Viggo’s eyes, as if daring him to move, daring him to take charge again. Viggo took up the challenge. Grabbing the condom and lube from the edge of the bed where he had left them, he looked up at Orlando who was watching him intently, still writhing against his own hand and rolled the condom over his own erection.
Pushing Orlando back against the pillows he grabbed his legs and pushed them up toward his chest. Running his fingers gently over the soft flesh of Orlando’s arse, inching dangerously close to his crevice, Viggo’s skillful hands were eliciting moans from Orlando’s beautiful mouth. Orlando felt the cold liquid movement of lubed digits press into his opening as Viggo loosened him.
Viggo wanted to sink into the gorgeous creature bucking against his hand as he had done so many times in his dreams, he wanted to rock with him until there was nothing left in the world but the two of them entwined in each other, but his brain over-rode his cock and remind him that he had to prepare his young lover for a while longer.
He twisted his fingers around in little circles until Orlando was panting and whimpering in unrelenting cries. Instinctively knowing that Orlando was ready he withdrew his fingers, and swiftly buried himself in the welcome heat of Orlando’s waiting body.
Orlando cried out in what sounded like distress so Viggo abruptly drew back, but the primal look in Orlando’s eyes as they widened coupled with the frantic grabbing at his shoulders stopped him. Orlando growled, “Go.”
Viggo wasn’t sure if it was a command or a request, but it equaled the same thing. He thrust forwards again, the sinful sound of flesh meeting flesh.
Orlando eyes fluttered shut and he wriggled around until he was further down the pillows and laid his ankles on Viggo’s shoulders. Viggo held Orlando’s hips, the soft flesh dimpling white with the force of his fingers as he rocked steadily. The angle had changed with Orlando’s squirming and each of Viggo’s thrusts hit Orlando’s prostate causing an unintelligible curse or moan uttered from behind loving lips. Viggo clenched his teeth, feeling his release approaching fast. He slowed down. He let Orlando’s weight rest on his knees and released his hips, he let his hands roam over the flawless skin of his elf’s chest, lightly dragging his nails over sensitive nipples and gently rubbing them when Orlando hissed in appreciation. His slower pace gave him time to run his fingers delicately over Orlando’s face.
Orlando opened his eyes and looked up into the now serene face of his lover, smiling down at him now that he had managed to overcome him own fears and was where he wanted to be.
“Love you,” Orlando panted. “Oh… God… I…” His face was flushed and he was making low humming noises in his throat as Viggo rode him, slow and hard.
As if urging Viggo to pick up the pace again, Orlando began to stroke his own aching cock, needing release. Viggo understood, knowing that his orgasm would arrive before Orlando if he didn’t take control, clamped a hand over Orlando’s and sped up the action. Orlando’s gurgled humming escalated to a throaty wail as he shuddered his climax onto entwined hands and sweaty torsos.
With Orlando’s orgasm came the rippling spasms that encased Viggo and ran the length of his cock, clamping down on him and bringing his own eagerly awaited release. With a quivering sighing gasp he came and folded softly into his spent lover’s arms.


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