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 I'm cross posting this like a feind!

I have been thinking about how fictions are written, mostly sex scenes, and I have come up with a model that I think applies to most het sex scenes I have read. 
I am working on the model for slash sex scenes, but I will post this one just now.

Basic Formula for a Hetero Sex Scene
Set Up:             The shorter the better.
Foreplay:          Long, slow (depending on pace), usually the longest part.
Preparation:      Getting hot and heavy, nearly ready for penetration. This is when she may have her first orgasm.
Penetration:      The mechanics of lining up, and getting it in there. Very short usually, (2-4 lines).
Sex/Climax:      Can be short, mostly the fast pace and desperation accounts for this, and it’s usually when she has her first or second climax (or third if he’s really good), and his first.
*Post-play:       Added bonus! If he’s caring and able, she may have second, third or even fourth climax, he may even have his second.
Come down:     The sweat soaked, post coital relations. The sappy love and/or sleep bit.
Set Up and Foreplay can be merged if the story is quite well established and the set up is just a small description of where the act will take place, rather than a short intro to the characters and situation leading to where the act will take place. Foreplay will form the largest part of your narrative - especially if merged with Set Up - being almost half of the piece (because if you rush the foreplay the woman is never going to get off!).
Preparation is the second largest part of your narrative as it sets the pace. A lot of this part is the getting down to business. There is a lot of oral and manual stimulation of both parties. Sometimes the woman may even reach climax at this stage (it has been known for men to as well, but I read a lot of fiction and we tend to be mean to the men and have them wait). You can make the action faster by making the preparation more intense: ‘I-can’t-stand-it-anymore’, ‘take me, now!’ sort of thing.
Penetration is the shortest part by far. It is really just the mechanics, a short and succinct description; you know where it’s going and how it’s going. Between 2-4 lines, if that.
Sex and Climax will be more than likely quite fast paced and therefore quite short. You can, however, draw out the intercourse and make it a bit slower, softer. However many times she is to climax and of course letting him climax will determine how long this part lasts. Adding together with Penetration, it should take up around a sixth of your narrative.
Post-play is normally only opted for if the woman has had her first climax in the sex/climax section, and the author has decided to be nice and give the man a chance to give/receive more pleasure. It is nice to see this section in fictions as most people forget that the Post-Play is just as important as the Foreplay, it’s just shorter. It may seem a bit greedy if the woman has four orgasms and the man only has one though!
If Post-Play is omitted, it may be best to add to the Preparation or Come Down (or if you’re opting for the slow, sensual, drawn out Sex, you could add to that).
Come Down is the part that I think can become the most clichéd, with a lot of sentimental, sappy nonsense, but if it’s integral you your narrative, slap it on! I tend to be pretty romantic, but realistic… a cuddle and a compliment then sleep.
Of course, this is just my theory on the fictions I write and the ones I have read. They all seem to follow this model. There are some that I have found that have variations and they revisit certain parts more than once, but it’s very rare, as far as I can tell. I tend to believe that fictions feed off other fictions, as authors tend to recycle pieces from fictions they have read or have written and use the same formula repeatedly, mostly because of our own fantasies and how we see our own sex lives. I mean if there’s something we’d really like done to us, or that we really like to do, it would be logical to put it down on a page and see if others like the same things.

I don’t know where all of this came from, I was just thinking about the fiction I’m working on at the moment and it came to me; plus I really like making pie charts.
So if this basic formula works for you, you’re more than welcome to use it.
Have fun and write some awesome porn… I’d really like to read it. 

Romana x

ps let me know if you've found any fictions that don't apply to the model. I'd like to read them, plus I've been discussing this with my friend and she seems to agree, I'd like know if you disagree/agree! R x
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