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Hello everyone,I hope this grows to be a big place!Here is the first story!Rmeber everyone can post their stories.So get to writing!

Stories Name:THe Greatest Love
Notes:This is a orginal story.Everything is fictional.

It still all seemed so unreal. Me this new up and coming actress,here at one of the biggest events in HollyWood awards. The Oscars. It was only three more days till it aired, these three long days were just the rehersals.Everything was still a blur, I cant belive I get to hand out a award, that's a big enough deal, but Im also nominated! Yes, it's true.

As I headed for the limosine there was hundreds of cameras flashing and thousands of people yelling. I rushed along smiling and waving to them all. Once inside my limosine I took a deep breathe and knew know I could relax.

"Before we head back to the Hilton, is there anywhere you want to stop?" My assitant Dana asked as she hit numbers on her Black Berry.

"No thanks. I got everything I will need back at the Hilton. Besides even if I did need something, there's no way im heading out into this crowd of people." I said as we both laughed.

"Good point. So, how did rehersals go today?" Dana asked still hitting away on her Black Berry.

"It went good. I mean what is there really to say? It's a rehersal. Dana, can I ask you something?" I turned my head and looked out the limosines window and sighed.

"Sure, ask me anything." She said finally putting down her Black Berry.

"What exactly do you do on your Black Berry?" I asked and she let out a laugh.

"Business. It's all stock markets,money, and you darling. Everything that goes on in this little device is all about you and your money." She said as our limosine pulled up to the Hilton.

"Wow. I guess that little device needs its own body guard huh?" I said jokingly.

"I guess so. Well here we are. If you need anything just dial my number, you have it right?" She said as the driver came around and opened my door.

"No, im good. But thanks Dana. Well see you tommorow." I said as I grabbed my purse and stepped out.

Even though I had allready stayed here one whole night, it still was amazing just walking into it. All the famous faces, the fancy interior. All of it was just so amazing.
Here I was, at the New York Hilton, three days from the Oscars. Could It get any better?

I headed for my room, which was on one of the highest floors. Once inside I sat down for a moment wondering what to do. After about five minutes I decided to go down to the pool and take a swim. Even though more then likly it would be very crowded, I still just felt the need to get in a nice and cool pool.

I slid on a one piece bathing suit, and threw on an over sized t-shirt. Found some slip on sandles and headed back down stairs.

Once there, it wasnt even crowed. There was only about five people. Nicole Kidman and Eva Longoria sat on some seats away from the pool. Jude Law and Sienna Miller was in the hot tub. But there in the pool was one person. I couldnt make him out. He had long brown hair, and a tanned back. But I had no clue who it was.

I tipped my toe in slowly and stepped in. At first the water was very cold. But after about ten seconds it felt better. Soon, it seemed I and this unknown person, was the only ones still in the swimming area. I decided to go closer and introduce myself.

I had allmost reached him when he turned around quickly and splashed a huge amount of water on my face.

"Take that you darn Paparazzi.!" The man yelled and he swam off.

"What? Im no Paprazzi! Im Darilyn! Famous actress, and whoever you are im going to sue you!" I said still un-clear who had just splashed me.

"Huh? Oh God. Im sorry. I thought you was with those dreaded Pararazi's. Um here let me get you a towel." He said jumping out of the poo; and rushing to get a towel.

He dove back in and headed me the towel. After I wiped my face, I saw who the mystery person was. There looking worried as a new puppy, was Orlando Bloom.

"Please, Im very sorry." He said once again as he took the towel.

"It's fine. I understand. Belive me, i have done worst when i thought the Paparizzi was attacking me. Trust me." I said as I swam back to the side.

"Thank you for forgiving me. So, Darilyn. Wow, nice to meet you! You are a very talented actress." He said as we both pulled our selves up onto the side of the swimming area.

"Thanks, and you. Mister Bloom, the plesure is all mine. I didnt even know you was here! Can I get a autograph?" I said as we both laughed.

"Thanks, and no you cant have my autograph!" He said as we both laughed.

"Well, I hate to end this, but I have to go meet this guy about a movie, so um see you around?" He said as he slid on a shirt.

"Sure, see you around. What room number are you?" I for some reason asked.

"207, you?" He said grabbing his stuff up.

"205, same floor.SO I do belive we will see each other very soon." I said taking a seat.

"Cool, well see you around Darilyn." He said as he came over and hugged me bye.

I sat there for moment, just admiring the pool. The water was so crystal clear, and clean. Right as I was about to leave I noticed a piece of paper sitting on the ground were Orlando's bag had been sitting.

I picked it up and it had the room number 105 written on it very sloppyly. I slid my t-shirt on and decided to take it to Orlando, maybe it was his......
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