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I'm Beautiful, It's True.

The Greatest Love Part Two.

Stories Name:The Greatest Love
Warnings:Nothing at the moment.
Notes:Everything in this story is fictional.

I headed up for room 207 to see if this paper was Orlando's.

Once there, I had barely knocked one time when the door swung open.

"Oh,hello again." He said smiling.

"Hey.I found this where your bag was sitting I just brought it up here to see if it was yours." I said handing him the slightly wet paper.

"Oh my,thanks so much! I was going crazy trying to find this! This is the guys room number who has a movie offer.Thanks!" He said reaching out and hugging me.

Right as he let go, I began to see constant flashing.Then with that, there was yelling reporters. I turned around to see the dreaded Paparzzi.

"Orlando are you and Darilyn an item now? Whens the wedding?" One reporter yelled snapping his fancy camera.

"Are there any kids on the way?" Another yelled, flashing his huge camemera and jutting down notes at the same time.

Orlando grabbed my arm and pulled me inside his room. He slammed the door so hard im surprised it didnt just come of the hook.

He turned around and sat down on his bed. I stood there, and still could hear those voices outside the door. Some of them began to knock on the door even.

"I could have sworn, that those people were banned from entering this place!" Orlando said pounding his fist into the bed.

"I know, it's just terrible. I cant wait to read the Usa Today tommorow." I said taking a seat in a neary by chair.

"Yeah, I can allready see it in the entertainment section.
"Orlando and Darilyn,romantic feelings reavealed.And child suspected!" Orlando said shaking his head.

For about five minutes there was silence. Neither one of use knew what to say I guess.

"Well I dont hear them anymore.Im going to go ahead and leave." I said standing up and heading for the door.

"Okay, if you want I can call for someone to ecort to your room." He said standing up and walking towards me.

"Thats fine. It's only two rooms down." I said laughing.

"Oh thats right.Well I will watch you from my door then." He said opening the door for me.

I turned to face him. I wrapped around and thanked him for ofering me into his room to get away from the photographers.

"Well, I will see you soon." he said as I walked to my room.

One I opened my door he was still watching to make sure I got in okay. I waved good bye and went into my room.

Once inside I decided to take a shower.Since after all I wa still drenched in pool water.
I stepped into the shower and the hot water felt good. I just stood I finally felt relaxed.
I stood in there washing off for ten minutes.Then I stepped out and put my robe on.

I plopped down on the bed and gazed around the room. I had been to many different hotels, but this one was just the most wonderful one. Each and every section of it was filled with all these beautiful designs and art work. I just so blessed to be here.
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